About Us

My name is Gulfam Ali Hussaini. I am Jaffar-e-Asari,Adad and Haroof healer for the last 20 years (since 1991). I haev been partisipating in all kinds of Jaffar-e-Asari treatment, both conventional & latest developments through Gulfam "Faiz-e- Hussaini - Which makes your life prosperous". We are totally aware of all these knowledge e.g: Numerology, Akhbaari, Asari, Quranic Amliyaat, Illm-ul-Najoom, Ilm-ul-Saat, Illm-ul-Hijr.

Twenty years ago when I came into the field of spiritual knowledge, I read each book realative to this knowledge and sorted out that all is dependent on chemistry, which cannot be understood so easily. But my father, Sardar Ali Hussani, and my honourable teacher, Agha Hassnain Ahmad ,helped me a lot understand the knowledge about Illm-e-Jaffar and Illm-e-Astronomy. On acting upon the advise of my father and teacher, I brought up very easy method for you to understand Illm-e-Jaffar and its explanation. After getting great response from every part of pakistan, I am forced to make a web site. On reaching the web site you may also know that our mission only to send this message that the best source of your reaching and contecting with ALLAH are Aal-e-Muhammad as put these sacred personalities in mind and say prayer. ALLAH will solve your problem becuse He Himslf said that "O faithfull people ! Get afraid of ALLAH, search Him, and find out the way which can may reach to you from Him, so you can get success". That is why I have prepared 14 Holy Lohs which belongs to 14 Masumen as perhaps I am the only extraordinary person who effort to make Loh in shape of Jaffar and practicaly during the 18 years. Now you are watching only highlights on the web.

For making this excellant work I am heartfully thankfull to my younger brother as well as my student "Mr. Qamar Ali Hussaini (M.A Pol. Science - Principal Al-Masoom Model School)". The things your are watching on the web are the result of my 20 years efforts. It is the courage which I received from the doorstep of "Hazrat Zainab" as whom some part your seeing on web. It is greatness of daughter of MushkilKusha as I acheive any thing I desire perhapes before of desire as mysterious. All the Loh and Amliyat that are mentioned in here are superiour and high ranked . We are also claiming that no one have presenting this kind of Loh and sure no one before this have shown on the web. Because all Lohs these name for example: "Loh-e-Qaddri,Loh-e-Chishti,Loh-e-Qalandri,Loh-e-Faridi" and so on useless in front of them. In the spiritual knowledge jaffar has a strongest place becuse in part of Asar Haroof and Abjad bring magicialy Loh and Amliayat are represent. Asar the part of jaffar has publish in the book of "Rooh-e-Amliyat and Nahjul ul Amliyat" is under process. Besides this all Qurani suraahs are written in Illm ul adad,illm ul Haroof,and illm ul jaffar. We have got alot success in this work. You can also get proof in imamia jantry 2010 "Alif Laam Raa - Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali (A.S)", and imamia jantry 2011 page no 33 Loh-e- Dayi Allah (for finishing the bad affect of Zehal) from Iftikhar book depot lahore (www.ibdtrade.com) beside this in part of jaffar of newspaper people are reading books like a kaynat-e- jaffar,part 1 & part 2 for number of years. These books are available on Azhar sons lahore and Zaman book depot (www.zaminbooks.com) from the last five years regularly our essay illm ul jaffar,jin or shatan is being publishing in Fazal jantry (www.hassanpublisher.com).