Rooh-e-Amliyat (Part 1)

Summary of the Book,
This book is on the part of Asar which Lohs are being written in it you never have to chance to see it before the prayers 14 Masumen as are in this book. Help is being asking to Quran as well as to Al-e-Mohammad .Heavenly book is Quran is Samat, and Al-e- Mohammad is Nataq. Loh are given according to the Islam and Fiqa, which is showing on the Title. Every Muslim has Essential to have it.

Name of Book: Rooh-e-Amliyat
Author: Gulfam Ali Hussani.
Publisher: Izhaar sons Lahore.

Kaynat-e-Jaffar Part 1

Summary of the Book
is that This book is the part of Jaffer of newspaper which is containing on answer and question. Before this book you may know how was the Knowledge of Jaffer was difficult. When it kissed to your hand, you will realize that how easy we make it for you. For seeking the way of Jaffar it is a so easy book. To telling something for easily only Example is too much. But in this book 200 Example are waiting for you. Which are containing on islam, Religion,Fiqa, and Shaiyat. Every Muslim should bought this book and teach two or three question daily to the children.

Name of book: kaynat-e-Jaffar
Author: Gulfam Ali Hussaini
Publisher: Izhaar sons Lahore

Kaynat-e-Jaffar Part 2

Summary Of The Book,
This book is also the Part of jaffer of newspaper. Which is for giving 200 hundred answers for Example when, How and in Which place Immam Zamana will arrive. And Duy-e- Nahiya in Urdu and Arabic is present. Some Wars like a Bader, Safien, Jamel, Mabila. Announcement of Nazim at the spot of gahder and answer the question. Beside this treatment of some disese according to jaffri question. these books also have these qualities like beautiful title, Smooth Byinding best Quality of paper. For receiving this book please contact with us.

Name of Book: kaynat-e-Jaffar part 2.
Author: Gulfam Ali Hussaini.
Publisher: Izhaar sons Lahore.